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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Watch Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk Playing Blitz Chess

In preparation of the up coming interview with Alexandra Kosteniuk we thought all of you would enjoy Alexandra playing Blitz Chess.

Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk Plays Blitz Chess
Pufichek, Inc.
1 min 7 sec - Feb 4, 2005

Alexandra Gives a Tip to succeed in Life
Pufichek, Inc.
33 sec - May 9, 2003

GM Browne plays GM Kosteniuk
Pufichek, Inc.
25 sec - Aug 19, 2004

GM Brown looks like he is about to lose it mentally in this video. After all, it looks like he is about to be beat by a female GM. Alexandra stays calm and poised for her victory.


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