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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A new Online Chess Calendar

Complete WEB PAGES for the tournaments
The Chess99 Calendar is significantly much more than just a reference list of web pages. From now on, organizers can create web pages for their chess events in minutes.

The Chess99 server creates and hosts the tournament's web page:
The Chess Organizer will only need to fill in a user-friendly registration form and the Chess99 server will generate the web page for the tournament with ALL the information an organizer could want and all the needed space for a COMPLETE presentation of the event.
Chess99 will also host all the web pages and generate the appropriate links to them in order to be easily found by the players.
Chess99 system generates a second page for the tournament where players can subscribe online if they intend to participate. Thus the list of participants will be updated in real time.
Organizers can administrate their chess contacts online, send invitation to players, using the Chess99 Email-Delivery System

Chess players will welcome
This way, when a chess player will search for a tournament, they will not have to navigate through different sites, designed in different styles, in different languages and even with lack of information, which may turn out to be a real nightmare. Chess99 will generate the web pages with a unique look for all tournaments, with clear structured information. Players can only welcome that.

Local Events from all countries
Chess99 Calendar has the solution to another issue: the presentation of National and Local tournaments, not FIDE registered. Well organized for countries and regions, with support in all languages and characters, Chess99 Calendar tries to bring together all the tournaments in the World.
Now, any local tournament can have its own web page and list of participants with the opportunity to subscribe online.

Chess99 has also released
a Program for Chess Clubs Worldwide
Chess Tournaments

Using this service, Chess Clubs' Managers can now easily find and establish Partnerships with other Chess Clubs from other countries or states.
Partnerships with other chess clubs could mean a lot for any club in the World: from exchanging visits and playing friendly matches, up to developing the scholastic chess through new relationships, sharing information, cheaper chess competitions while having fun and traveling abroad.

Chess99 is a completely free site, offering unique services and of great help for the chess community. Further services will come regularly, so stay tuned.


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