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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chess Etiquette Part 1

This is the first installment in a series on chess etiquette. This is of course an opinion piece and should not be taken as any concrete enforceable rule. This is just a way to help some of our players that may be new to the game and do not know how precisely they should conduct themselves in play.

First, chess is a noble game and it should be treated with respect at all times. This game, in its various forms, spans almost to the birth of written history. Whilst the days of romantic chess are long past, there are things we can do to help the spirit of the game survive. Living as we do in a technological age it is easy to forget that there is another person across the board even when we are playing online chess. We must, through our own actions, display good taste and fair sportsmanship. We must act civilized and proper even when it is not returned.

One of the most common questions that I see arise with online chess sites and over the board games is when it is proper to resign. First, let me state that you should never ask an opponent to resign. I myself sometimes have games between friends where I try and help them with their openings and tactics. I have told them when a game has reached the point that resigning is the only logical conclusion, but I myself will never message an opponent and tell them that they should resign. I have been tempted to do this many times, but it is not my place. An opponent has the right to play a game till the bitter end. They may just be learning and want to see how you end it. They may not be as familiar as you are with the game, and they might not see the checkmate coming, even when its forced, and as simple as two or three moves away. They may also be playing for a stalemate, and it is their right. It is your responsibility to make sure you win a won game, not theirs.

I have had opponents message me in a lost game and ask if they can play on, as they seek to learn. I have always been polite and have stated that I do not mind at all. Others may answer differently. If I find myself in a lost game with no hopes of winning I will resign. Chess is a good portion mental strategy. I find playing a lost game to be bad for my self esteem. But I resign when I believe the game is over and not because of the opponent. So if you believe the game is lost, resign and move on to the next one, but if you think you have a fighting chance, stay with it until all avenues have been exhausted!

Contributed by Nyxie



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! Chess etiquette is something I feel very strong about. You covered a part of it that I also covered in a series I did. Take a look at my take on it.
First Post on Chess Etiquette

11/26/2006 8:50 AM  

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