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Monday, November 13, 2006

List of great chess books

Alphabetical Order by Title

The 10 Most Common Chess Mistakes: ...And How to Avoid Them! by: Larry Evans
100 Awesome Chess Moves by: Eric Schiller
The 100 Best Chess Games of the 20th Century, Ranked by: Andy Soltis
100 Easy Checkmates by: Larry Evans
100 Other Games to Play on a Chessboard by: Stephen Addison
100 Soviet Chess Miniatures by: P. H. Clarke
1000 Best Short Games of Chess: A Treasury of Masterpieces in Miniature by: Irving Chernev
1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate by: Fred Reinfeld
101 Attacking Ideas in Chess by: Joe Gallagher
101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures by: John Nunn
101 Chess Opening Surprises by: Graham Burgess
101 Chess Opening Traps by: Steve Giddins
101 Chess Problems for Beginners by: Fred Reinfeld
101 Questions on How to Play Chess by: Fred Wilson
101 Winning Chess Strategies by: Angus Dunnington
107 Great Chess Battles, 1938??1945 by: Alexander Alekhine
The 19th Century Today: New in Chess Yearbook 59 by: Genna Sosonko, Paul Van Der Sterren
200 Brilliant Endgames by: Irving Chernev
200 Modern Brilliancies by: Kevin Wicker
200 Open Games by: David Bronstein
202 Surprising Checkmates by: Fred Wilson, Bruce Alberston
303 Tactical Chess Puzzles [Mensa] by: Fred Wilson, Bruce Alberston
303 Tricky Checkmates, 2nd Edition by: Fred Wilson, Bruce Albertson
303 Tricky Chess Tactics by: Fred Wilson, Bruce Albertson
33 Classic Opening Chess 'Traps' and stumbles by: L. Allen
4 . . . Qh4 in the Scotch Game by: Lev Gutman
4 Bc5 in the Scotch Game by: Lev Gutman
4 Nc-Three: Gambit in the Queen's Gambit: Accepted and Slav by: John L. Watson, Jim Marfia
40 Lessons for the Club Player: A Proven Course in All Aspects of Chess by: Aleksander Kostyev
500 Master Games of Chess by: Dr. S. Tartakower, J. du Mont
639 Essential Endgame Positions: The Essential Guide to Closing Out and Winning Games by: Eric Schiller
64 Things You Need to Know in Chess by: J. N. Walker
The ...a6 Slav: The Tricky and Dynamic Lines with...a6 by: Glen Flear
ABC'S OF CHESS by: Bruce Pandolfini
Accelerated Dragons by: John Donaldson, Jeremy Silman
Across the Board : The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems by: John J. Watkins
Action Chess: Purdy's 24 Hours Opening Repertoire by: Ralph J. Tykodi, C. J. S. Purdy
Advance and Other Anti-French Variations by: Lev Psakhis
Advanced Chess Problems and How to Solve Them by: B. P. Barnes
Ajedrez by: Daniel King
Ajedrez Infantill by: Harvey Kidder
Ajedrez Super Facil by: Selector, Various
Alapin French: Tactics for White by: Tim Sawyer, Bob Long
The Alekhine Defense Playbook by: Tim Sawyer
Alekhine's Anguish: A Novel of the Chess World by: Charles D. Yaffe
Alekhine's Block: The Tactician's Handbook by: Victor Charushin
Alekhine's Defence by: Nigel Davies
Alekhine's Defense As White: The Four Pawns Attack by: Larry Christiansen, Manuel Joseph, Bob Raingruber
Alekhine's Chess Games, 1902-1946 : 2543 Games of the Former World
Champion, Many Annotated by Alekhine, with 1868 Diagrams, Fully Indexed by: Robert G. P. Verhoeven, Leonard M. Skinner
Alpha Teach Yourself Chess in 24 Hours by: Zsuzsa Polgar, Susan Polgar, Paul Truong, Leslie Horvitz, Leslie Alan Horvitz, Hoainhan "Paul" Truong
The Amateur's Mind: Turning Chess Misconceptions into Chess Mastery by: Jeremy Silman
American Chess Journal 1 by: Christopher Chabris
American Chess Journal 2 by: Christopher Chabris
American Chess Journal 3 by: Christopher Chabris
American Chess Journal 4 by: Christopher Chabris
Amos Burn: A Chess Biography by: Richard Forster, Victor Korchnoi
Anatoly Karpov's Best Games by: Anatoly Karpov
Answer Guide to How to Become a Candidate Master by: Alex Dunne
Anti-Sicilians: A Guide for Black by: Dorian Rogozenko
Application of Chess Theory by: Yefim Geller
Aprende Ajedrez by: John Nunn
Archangel & New Archangel by: Krzystof Panczyk
Aron Nimzovitsch: A Reappraisal: Improve Your Chess by Studying the Games of the Master of Positional Play by: Raymond Keene
Art of Attack: Rev. Algebraic Ed. by: Vladimir Vukovic
Art of Boxing in Chess by: Thomas Grady
The Art of Checkmate by: Georges Renaud, Victor Kahn
Art of Chess by: James Mason, Fred Reinfeld, Sidney Bernstein
Art of Chess Analysis by: Jan Timman
The Art of Chess Combination by: Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
Art of Chess, The by: Colleen Schafroth
Art of Defence in Chess by: Lyev Polugayevsky, Iakov Damsky, Lyev Poolugayevsky
The Art of Defense in Chess by: Andrew Soltis
The Art of Positional Play by: Samuel Reshevsky
The Art of Sacrifice in Chess by: Rudolf Spielmann
The Art of the Middle Game by: Paul Keres, Alexander Kotov
Attack and Defence: The Fifth and Final Session from the World-Famous Chess School by: Mark Dvoretsky, Artur Yusupov
Attack with Mikhail Tal by: Mikhail Tal, Iakov Damsky, Ken Neat, Tal Mikhail
Attacking the King by: John N. Walker
Attacking with 1d4 by: Angus Dunnington
Attacking with 1e4 by: John Emms
Averbakh's Selected Games by: Yuri Averbakh
Basic Chess Endings by: REUBEN FINE
Basic Chess Openings by: Gabor Kallai
Basic Endgame Strategy: Kings, Pawns, & Minor Pieces (Road to Chess Mastery) by: Bill Robertie
Basic Endgame Strategy: Rooks & Queens (Road to Chess Mastery) by: Bill Robertie
Basics for Scholastic Chess Players : A Guide for Players and Coaches by: Leonard S. Dickerson
The Basics of Winning Chess by: Jacob Cantrell
The Batsford Book of Chess (A Batsford Chess Book) by: Bob Wade
Batsford Chess Puzzles by: Leonard Barden
Battle of the Titans by: Raymond Keene, Bernard Levin
Beating the Anti-King's Indians by: Joe Gallagher
Beating the King's Indian and Benoni: Shock Your Opponents with the Four Pawns Attack! by: Anatoly Vaisser
Beautiful Mates: Applying Principles of Beauty to Computer Chess Heuristics by: Ben P. Walls
The Beginner's Game by: Pafu
Beginner's Guide to Winning Chess by: Fred Reinfeld
Beginning Chess Play: The Essentials of Winning Chess Play by: Bill Robertie
Beginning Chess: How to Master the Fundamental Skills by: D. Brine Pritchard
Behind Deep Blue : Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion by: Feng-Hsiung Hsu
The Benko Gambit by: Byron Jacobs, Andrew Kinsman
Benko Gambit Accepted (Macmillan Chess Library) by: Eduard Gufeld, Edward Gufeld
Bent Larsens Best Games of Chess by: Bent Larsen
The Best Book of Chess by: Cjs Purdy
The Best Games of Mir Sultan Khan by: R. N. Coles
Best Lessons of a Chess Coach by: Sunil Weeramantry, Edward V. Eusebi
Better Chess for Average Players by: Tim Harding
The Big Book of Chess by: John Watson
Birth of the Chess Queen : A History by: Marilyn Yalom
The Black Knights' Tango: Outwit Your Opponents from Move 2! by: Georgi Orlov
The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit: Keybook II by: Tim, Rev. Sawyer
The Bluffer's Guide to Chess: Bluff Your Way in Chess by: B.W. Malpass
Blunders and How to Avoid Them: Eliminate Mistakes from Your Play by: Angus Dunnington
Bobby Fischer Goes to War : How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time by: David Edmonds, John Eidinow, Tsoutsouvas Sam
The Bobby Fischer I Knew and Other Stories by: Arnold Denker, Larry Parr
Bobby Fischer Rediscovered by: Andy Soltis
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by: Stuart Margulies, Don Mosenfelder, Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer: From Chess Genius to Legend (Purdy Series , Vol 3) by: Eduard Gufeld, Carlos Almarza-Mato, Mike Morris
Bobby Fischer: His Approach by: Elie Agur
The Book of Chess Lists by: Andy Soltis
Botvinnik : 100 Selected Games from: Dover Pubns
The Botvinnik Semi-Slav by: Steffen Pedersen
Brain Games World Chess Champ by: Raymond Keene
Brains in Bahrain by: Raymond Keene
Bronstein On the King's Indian by: David Bronstein
Budapest Fajarowitz by: Lev Gutman
The Budapest Gambit: Up-to-Date Coverage of a Dangerous Gambit by: Bogdan Lalic
Building Up Your Chess: The Art of Accurate Evaluation and Other Winning Techniques by: Lev Alburt
C.J.S. Purdy's Fine Art of Chess Annotation and Other Thoughts: Volume 1 by: Ralph J. Tykodi
c3 Sicilian by: Joe Gallagher
Caissa Remembers by: C. J. S. Purdy
The Cambridge Springs by: Krzysztof Panczyk, Jacek Llczuk
Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius by: Angus Dunnington
Capablanca's Best Chess Endings by: Irving Chernev
Caro-Kann by: Mikhail Podgaits, Mikhail Podgaets
Caro-Kann Advance by: Byron Jacobs
Caro-Kann Main Line by: Neil McDonald
Caro-Kann: Smyslov System 4...Nd7 by: Oleg Stetsko, Eduard Gufeld
Case for the Defence: How to Look Through the Backs of Declarer's Cards by: Victor Mollo
Castling to Win by: Robert Timmer
The Catalan by: Alex Raetsky, Maxim Chetverik
Center Counter Defense: The Portuguesevariation by: Selby Anderson, National Master Selby Anderson
Championship Chess by: Mikhail M. Botvinnik
Checkmate! : My First Chess Book by: Garry Kasparov
Chess by: Graham Burgess
Chess by: Benny Andersson
Chess (Games Around the World) by: Dana Meachen Rau
The Chess Advantage in Black and White : Opening Moves of the Grandmasters by: LARRY KAUFMAN
The Chess Analyst by: Jon Edwards
Chess and Checkers Pack by: Robert Allen
Chess and Chess Masters by: Gideon Stahlberg, Harry Golombek
The Chess Artist: Genius, Obsession, and the World's Oldest Game by: J. C. Hallman
Chess Assassin's Field Manual by: Robert Long
Chess Basics by: Nigel Short
Chess Basics Book & Gift Set by: Nigel Short
Chess Brilliancy: 300 Historic Games from the Masters by: Iakov Damsky
Chess Champion from China: The Life and Games of Xie Jun by: Xie Jun
Chess Choice Challenge 2 by: Chris Ward
The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov by: Raymond Keene
Chess Combinations As a Fine Art: 120 Unusual Puzzles by: Werner Golz, Paul Keres
Chess Combinations: An Improving Players Puzzle Book by: Everyman Chess
Chess Detective: Kriegspiel Strategies, Endgames and Problems by: David H. Li
CHESS DOCTOR : Surefire Cures for What Ails Your Game by: Bruce Pandolfini
Chess Endgame Quiz by: Larry Evans
Chess Endgame Training by: Bernd Rosen
Chess Endings Made Simple by: Ian Snape
Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge by: Iuri Averbakh, P.H. Clarke, Yuri Auerbach, Yuri Averbakh
CHESS EXPLORATIONS from: Cadogan Guides
Chess For Beginners by: Israel A. Horowitz, Sol Horowitz
Chess for Beginners: A Picture Guide by: Al Horowitz
Chess for Children by: Andrew Martin
Chess for Children by: Ted Nottingham, Bob Wade, Al Lawrence
Chess for Dummies by: James Eade
Chess for Fun and Chess for Blood by: Edward Lasker
Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik by: Imre Konig
Chess Fundamentals by: Jose R. Capablanca
The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen: Master of Attack by: Sid Pickard
Chess Highlights of the 20th Century by: Graham Burgess
CHESS IN A NUTSHELL by: Fred Reinfeld
Chess in Ten Easy Lessons by: Larry Evans
Chess is My Life: Volume 3, Biography by: Victor Korchnoi
Chess Is Still Alive by: Alex Dunne
The Chess Kid's Book of Checkmate by: DAVID MACENULTY
The Chess Kid's Book of Tactics by: David MacEnulty
The Chess Kid's Book of the King and Pawn Endgame by: David MacEnulty
Chess Lists (2nd Edition) by: Andy Book of Chess Lists Soltis
Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur by: Max Euwe, Walter Meiden
Chess Any Age by: Rolf Wetzell, Rolf Wetzel, Robert B. Long
Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge by: Yuri Averbakh, Ken Neat
Chess Olympiads by: Arpad Foldeak
A Chess Omnibus by: Edward Winter, Jan Timman
Chess on the Net by: Mark Crowther
Chess on the Web by: Sarah Hurst
Chess Openings by: Tim Harding, Leonard Barden
Chess Openings (Crowood Chess Library) by: Mike Basman, Michael Basman
Chess Openings for Juniors by: John Walker
Chess Openings the Easy Way by: Nick Defirmian
Chess Openings: Traps And Zaps by: Bruce Pandolfini
Chess Openings: Your Choice by: Stewart Reuben
Chess Organisers' Handbook by: Stewart Reuben
The Chess Player's Battle Manual: Equip Yourself for Competitive Play by: Nigel Davies
The Chess Player's Bedside Book by: Raymond Edwards, Raymond Keene
The Chess Player's Bible : Illustrated Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Game by: James Eade
The Chess Player's Handbook by: Howard Staunton
Chess Psychology: Approaching the Psychological Battle both On and Off the Board by: Angus Dunnington
Chess Recipes from the Grandmaster's Kitchen by: Valeri Beim
Chess Rules of Thumb by: Lev Alburt, Al Lawrence
Chess Self-Teacher: 8 Lessons With Quizzes and Reviews by: Al Horowitz
Chess Software User's Guide: Making the Most of Your Software by: Byron Jacobs
Chess Strategy by: Eduard Gufeld, Nikolai Kalinichenko
Chess Strategy by: Edward Lasker
Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player (Comprehensive Chess Course Series) by: Sam Gm Palatnik, Lev Gm Alburt, Jami Anson
Chess Strategy in Action by: John Watson
Chess Tactics (Crowood Chess Library) by: Paul Littlewood
Chess Tactics for Beginners by: Fred Reinfeld
Chess Tactics for Kids by: Murray Chandler
Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player by: Sam Palatnik, Lev Alburt, Roman Pelts, Larry Parr, Jami Anson
Chess Tactics P by: R. G. Wade, R. Bott, S. Morrison
Chess Target Practice : Battle Tactics for Every Square on the Board by: Bruce Pandolfini
CHESS TEACHER from: Cadogan Guides
Chess Thinking : The Visual Dictionary of Chess Moves, Rules, Strategies and Concepts by: Bruce Pandolfini
The Chess Tournament - London 1851 by: Howard Staunton
Chess Training by: Nigel Povah
Chess Training for Budding Champions by: Jesper Hall, Peter Jonsson
Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions and Ideas, Second Edition by: Lev Alburt
Chess Traps, Pitfalls and Swindles by: Israel A. Horowitz, Fred Reinfeld
Chess Treasury of the Air by: Terence Tiller
Chess Under the Microscope: Magnify Your Chess Strength! by: Paul Motwani
Chess Without Borders : The Life and Games of ICCF IM Sture Nyman by: John C. Knudsen
Chess World Championships: All the Games, 1834-1984 by: James H. Gelo
Chess World Championships: All the Games, All With Diagrams, 1834-1998 by: James H. Gelo
Chess World Editors: Lajos Steiner and Maurice Goldstein by: Thinkers' Press
Chess World Title Contenders and Their Styles by: Danny Kopec, Craig Pritchett
Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games by: Laszlo Polgar, Bruce Pandolfini
Chess: A Psychiatrist Matches Wits with Fritz by: Ernest F. Pecci
Chess: Endgames by: Laszlo Polgar
Chess: Middlegames by: Laszlo Polgar
Chess: Reform Chess by: Laszlo Polgar
Chess: The Mechanics of the Mind by: Helmut Pfleger, Gerd Treppner
Chess: The Search for Mona Lisa by: Eduard Gufeld
Chessdon by: Don Schultz
Chinese Chess by: H. T. Lau
The Chinese School of Chess by: Liu Wenzhe
Choose the Right Move by: Daniel King, Chris Duncan
Classic Chess Problems by Pioneer Composers by: Kenneth S. Howard
Classical Dutch by: Jan Pinski
The Classical French by: Eduard Gufeld, Oleg Stetsko
Classical Nimzo-Indian: The ever-popular 4Qc2 by: Bogdan Lalic
Closed Sicilian by: Daniel King
Combination Cross: The Tactician's Handbook by: Victor Charushin
Combinations : The Heart of Chess by: Irving Chernev
Common Sense in Chess by: Dr. Emanuel Lasker
The Complete Benoni (Batsford Chess Library) by: Lev Psakhis
Complete Book of Beginning Chess by: Raymond Keene
Complete Book of Chess by: Horowitz
Complete Book of Chess Strategy: Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z by: Jeremy Silman
Complete Chess Course by: Fred Reinfeld
The Complete Chess Player by: Fred Reinfeld
Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings, 2nd Edition by: Eric Schiller
Complete Defense To Queen Pawn Openings by: Eric Schiller
Complete Guide to Correspondence Chess by: Alex Dunne, Robert B. Long
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess (2nd Edition) by: Patrick Wolff
The Complete King's Indian by: Raymond Keene, Byron Jacobs
The Complete Najdorf: Modern Lines: The Definitive Guide to Fischer and Kasparov's Favorite Chess Opening by: John Nunn, Joe Gallagher
The Complete Richter-Rauzer by: Peter Wells, Viacheslav Osnos
The Complete Sveshnikov Sicilian by: Yuri Yakovich
Comprehensive Chess Course: From Beginner to Tournament Player in 12 Lessons by: Roman Pelts, Lev Alburt, Nigel Eddis
Comprender Ajedrez Jugada a Jugada by: John Nunn
Concise Chess Endings by: Neil McDonald
Concise Chess Middlegames by: Neil McDonald
Concise Chess Openings by: Neil McDonald
Concise Chess: The Compact Guide for Beginners by: John Emms
Correspondence Chess in America by: Bryce D. Avery
Could you be a Tactical Chess Genius? by: James Plaskett
Counter Gambits by: T. D. Harding
The Craps Answer Book: How To Make One Of The Best Bets In The Casino Even Better by: John Grochowski
Creative Chess by: Amatzia Avni, Simon Kay
Creative Chess Strategy by: Alfonso Romero, Roberto Alvarez
Curse of Kirsan by: Sarah Hurst, Ken Whyld
Danger in Chess (Cadogan Chess) by: Amatzia Avni, Auni
Danger in Chess : How to Avoid Making Blunders by: Amatzia Avni
Daredevil Chess by: John Littlewood
David Against Goliath¿Volume 1: Fighting the Computer by: David Bronstein, Sergey Voronkov
Decision-Making at the Chessboard by: Viacheslav Eingorn, John Sugden
Decisive Games in Chess History by: Ludek Pachman, A. S. Russell
Deep Blue by: Monty Newborn, Charles E. Lieserson, Monroe Newborn
Development Of A Chess Master by: Eric Schiller
Discover Your Chess Strength by: Raymond Keene
Dutch Defense: New and Forgotten Ideas by: Nikolay Minev
Dutch Leningrad by: Neil McDonald
Dutch Stonewall by: Jacob Aagaard
Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by: Mark Dvoretsky
Dynamic Black Opening Repertoire by: Chris Baker
Dynamic Chess by: R. N. Coles
The Dynamic English by: Tony Kosten
Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess by: Drazen Marovic
The Dynamic Reti by: Nigel Davies
Dynamics of Chess Strategy by: Vlastimil Jansa
Easy Endgame Strategies by: Bill Robertie
Easy Guide to Chess by: Baruch Wood
Easy Guide to the Bb5 Sicilian by: Steffen Pedersen
Easy Guide to the Classical Sicilian: Including Richter-Rauzer and Sozin Attacks by: Jouni Yrjola
Easy Guide to the Dragon by: Mikhail Golubev
Easy Guide to the Najdorf by: Tony Kosten
Easy Guide to the Nge2 King's Indian by: Gyozo Forintos, Ervin Haag
Easy Guide to the Nimzo-Indian by: John Emms
Easy Guide to the Panov-Botvinnik Attack by: Jacob Aagaard
Easy Guide to the Queen's Gambit Accepted by: Graeme Buckley
Easy Guide to the Reti Opening by: Angus Dunnington
Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez by: John Emms
Easy Guide to the Sicilian Scheveningen by: Steffen Pedersen
Easy Guide to the Sveshnikov Sicilian by: Jacob Aagaard
Egyptian Defense: A Modern Chess Opening by: Ezzat Eldak
El Camino Hacia El Progreso En Ajedrez by: Alex Yermolinsky, Juan Sebastian Morgado, Roberto Gabriel Alvarez
Encyclopedia of Chess from: Robert Hale Ltd
Encyclopedia Of Chess Wisdom by: Eric Schiller
End Game : Kasparov vs. Short by: DOMINIC LAWSON
End Games in Chess P by: Theo Schuster
Endgame Analysis: School of Chess Excellence 1 by: Mark Dvoretsky
Endgame Challenge by: John Nunn
Endgame Secrets: How to Plan in the Endgame in Chess by: Christopher Lutz
Endgame Strategy by: K.P. Neat, Mikhail Shereshevsky
English ...e5: The Reversed Sicilian Lines by: Alex Raetsky, Maxim Chetverik
English Attack by: Nick de Firmian, John Fedorowicz
English Defence by: Daniel King
The English Defense (MacMillan Chess Library) by: Ray Keene, Jim Plaskett, Jon Tisdall, Raymond Keene, James Plaskett
English Opening: Classical & Indian by: Vladimir Bagirov, Vladmir Bagirov, Kenneth P. Neat
English Opening: Symmetrical by: Vladimir Bagirov, Ken Neat, Vladimir Bagarov
Epic Battles of the Chessboard by: R. N. Coles
Essential Chess Quotations : by: John C. Knudsen
Essential Chess Sacrifices by: David Lemoir
Everyone's Second Chess Book by: Dan Heisman
The Everything Chess Basics Book (Everything Series) by: Peter Kurzdorfer, Us Chess Federation, U S Chess Federation
The Evolution of Chess Opening Theory by: Raymond Keene
Excelling at Chess by: Jacob Aagaard
Excelling at Chess Calculation : Capitalizing on Tactical Chances by: Jacob Aagaard
Excelling at Combinational Play: Learn to Identify and Exploit Tactical Chances by: Jacob Aagaard
Excelling at Positional Chess by: Jacob Aagaard
The Exchange Grunfeld (Cadogan Chess Books) by: Adrian Mikhalchishin, Malcom Pein, Malcolm Pein
Expert Explanations: New in Chess Yearbook by: Sosonko, Genna, Paul Van Der Sterren
Exploiting Small Advantages by: Eduard Gufeld
An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black by: Jouni Yrjola, Jussi Tella
Chess: C. J. S. Purdy Annotates the World Championships: Alekhine-Euwe
I, 1935: Alekhine-Euwe Ii, 1937: Fisher-Spassky I, 1972 (Purdy Series) by: C. J. S. Purdy, Ralph J. Tykodi
Fianchetto Grunfeld by: Adrian Mikhalchishin, Alexander Belyavsky
Fifteen Games and Their Stories by: Jim Marfia, Mikhail M. Botvinnik
The Fifth American Chess Congress: New York 1880 by: Charles A. Gilberg
Fifty Great Games of Modern Chess by: Harry Golombek
Finales de ajedrez (Grandmaster Secrets: Endings) by: Andrew Soltis
Find the Checkmate by: Gary Lane
Fire On Board: Shirov's Best Games by: Alexei Shirov, Mark Taimanov
The First American Chess Congress: New York 1857 by: Daniel W. Fiske
First Piatigorsky Cup by: Isaac Kashdan
First Steps to Winning Chess by: Anthony Miles
Five Crowns by: Yasser Seirawan, Jonathan Tisdall, Jonathan Berry
The Four Knights by: Jan Pinski
Frank Marshall, United States Chess Champion: A Biography With 220 Games by: Andy Soltis
French Advance by: Tony Kosten
French Classical by: Byron Jacobs
French Defence 3Nc3 Bb4 by: Lev Psakhis
French Defence 3Nd2 by: Lev Psakhis
French Defense 2 by: Nikolay Minev
The French Tarrasch by: John Emms
French Winawer by: Neil McDonald
French: Tarrasch and Other Lines by: Steffen Pedersen
From Middlegame Into Endgame by: Edmar Mednis
From the Opening Into the Endgame by: Edmar Mednis
Fundamental Chess Endings by: Karsten Muller, Frank Lamprecht
Gambit Chess Openings by: Eric Schiller
The Gambit Guide to the Benko Gambit by: Steffen Pedersen
Gambit Guide to the Bogo-Indian by: Steffen Pedersen
The Gambit Guide to the English Opening: 1...E5 by: Carsten Hansen
The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by: John Watson
Gambit Opening Repertoire for Black (Essential Opening Repertoire Series) by: Eric Schiller
Gambit Opening Repertoire for White (Essential Opening Repertoire Series) by: Eric Schiller
Gambit Play: Sacrificing in the Opening by: Angus Dunnington
The Game of Chess by: Siegbert Tarrasch
The Game of Chess by: Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, William-Alan Landes
The Games of Robert J. Fischer by: Robert G. Wade, Kevin J. O'Connell
Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors, Part 1 by: Garry Kasparov
Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors, Part 2 by: Garry Kasparov
Garry Kasparov's Chess Challenge by: Garry Kasparov, Ken Neat
Garry Kasparov's Chess Puzzle Book by: Garry Kasparov
The Genesis of Power Chess: Effective Winning Technique for Strategy and Tactics by: Leslie Ault, Bob Long
Genius of Paul Morphy by: Chris Ward
Gm-Ram: Essential Grandmaster Chess Knowledge by: Rashid Ziyatdinov
Go Queen Go: Chess for Kids (Quantum Leap Ser.) by: Carole Marsh
Grandmaster Chess by: Glenn Flear
Grandmaster Secrets Endings by: Andrew Soltis, Rob Long
Grandmaster Secrets: Openings by: Andrew Soltis, Rob Long
Grandmaster Strategy by: Raymond Keene
Great Brilliancy Prize Games of the Chess Masters by: Fred Reinfeld
The Great Evans Gambit Debate by: Michael Rohde
Great Short Games by: Fred Reinfeld
Gruenfeld Defence Revealed by: Michael Khodarkovsky
The Grunfeld Defence by: Nigel Davies
The Grunfeld for the Attacking Player by: Bogdan Lalic
A Guide to Chess Endings by: Max Euwe, David Hooper
Guide to Good Chess by: C. J. S. Purdy, Ralph J. Tykodi
Guide to the Torre Attack by: Graham Burgess
Hastings 1895: The Centennial Edition by: Sid Pickard
The Hedgehog by: Mihai Suba
Henrique Mecking: Latin Chess Genius by: Stephen W. Gordon, Bob Long
Heroic Tales: The Best of 1996 - 2001 by: Taylor Kingston
History of Chess by: H. J. R. Murray
How Good Is Your Chess? by: Larry Evans
How Good Is Your Chess? by: Daniel King
How Good Is Your Chess?: Rate Your Skill and Improve Your Strategy by Participating in 35 Master Games by: Leonard Barden
How Karpov Wins : Second, Enlarged Edition by: Edmar Mednis
How Not to Play Chess by: Eugene A. Znosko-Borovsky
How Purdy Won: 1st World Champion of Correspondence Chess (Purdy Series) by: C. J. S. Purdy, Frank Hutchings, Kevin Harrison
How to be a Winner at Chess by: FRED REINFELD
How to Be Lucky in Chess by: David Lemoir, Ken LeMoir
How to Beat Bobby Fischer by: Edmar Mednis
How to Beat Gary Kasparov by: Raymond Keene
How to Become a Candidate Master by: Alex Dunne
How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician by: David LeMoir
How to Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire by: Steve Giddins
How to Defend in Chess by: Colin Crouch
How to Force Checkmate by: Fred Reinfeld
How to Get Better at Chess: Chess Masters on Their Art by: Larry Evans, Betty Roberts, Jeremy Silman
How to Learn from Your Defeats (Macmillan Library of Chess) by: Anatoly Karpov
How to Play Chess Endings by: Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
How To Play Good Opening Moves by: Edmar Mednis
How to Play the Caro-Kann Defense: Primary Level by: Raymond Keene, Shaun Taulbut, Shawn Talbut
How to Play the Chess Openings by: Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
How to Play The Middle Game in Chess by: John Littlewood
How to Play the Nimzo-Indian Defence by: Raymond Keene, Shaun Taulbut
How to Reassess Your Chess: The Complete Chess-Mastery Course by: Jeremy Silman
How to Solve Chess Problems by: Kenneth S. Howard
How To Think In Chess by: Jan Przewoznik, Marek Soszynski, Jonathan Levitt, Jan Przewoznick
How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess by: Christian Kongsted
How to Win At Chess by: Daniel King
How to Win with Hypermodern Chess Strategy by: Raymond Keene, Eric Schiller
The Human Comedy of Chess A Grandmaster's Chronicles by: Hans Ree, Jan Timman, Willem Tissot
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The Symmetrical English by: Carsten Hansen
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Test Your Chess IQ: Master Challenge by: August Livshitz
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Vasily Smyslov: Endgame Virtuoso by: Vasily Smyslov
The Veresov: Surprise Your Oponents with the Tricky 2 Nc3! by: Nigel Davies
Victory in the Opening!: The Art of Winning Quickly in Chess by: Gary Lane
The Vienna Game by: Gary Lane
Vintage Forrester: Selected Writings From The Daily Telegraph by: Tony Forrester
Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess by: Vishay Anand, John Nunn, Vishy Anand
VOL. 4: PAWN ENDINGS by: Yuri Averbakh
VOL. 5: ROOK ENDINGS by: Yuri Averbakh
Walter Penn Shipley: Philadelphia's Friend of Chess by: John Samuel Hilbert
Warriors of the Mind: A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board by: Raymond Keene, Nathan Divinsky
What's the Best Move?: Chess Quiz (Fireside Chess Library) by: Larry Evans
White Is Ok: New in Chess Yearbook by: Sosonko, Genna, Paul Van Der Sterren
Why You Lose at Chess by: Tim Harding
William Steinitz, Chess Champion: A Biography of the Bohemian Caesar by: Kurt Landsberger, Ken Whyld
Win at Chess by: Fred Reinfeld
Win at Chess: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning Chess for the Intermediate Player by: Ronald H. Curry, Ron Curry
Win in the Opening! Opening Mistakes and How to Punish Them by: Yakov Neishtadt
Winning Chess Brilliancies by: Yasser Seirawan
Winning Chess Endings by: Yasser Seirawan
Winning Chess Openings by: Bill Robertie
Winning Chess Openings by: Yasser Seirawan
Winning Chess Piece By Piece by: Ted Nottingham, Bob Wade, Al Lawrence
Winning Chess Strategies by: Yasser Seirawan
Winning Chess Tactics by: Bill Robertie
Winning Chess Tactics by: Yasser Seirawan
Winning Chess Tactics & Strategies by: Bob Wade, Ted Nottingham, Al Lawrence
Winning Chess Traps by: Irving Chernev
Winning Endgame Strategy by: Alexander Beliavsky, Adrian Mikhalchishin
Winning Endgames (Crowood Chess Library) by: Tony Kosten
Winning in the Opening by: John Walker
Winning Pawn Structures by: Alexander Baburin
Winning Quickly with Black by: Iakov Neishtadt
Winning Quickly with White by: Iakov Neishtadt
Winning Unorthodox Openings by: Angus Dunnington
Winning With Chess Psychology by: Pal Benko, Burt Hochberg
Winning with Reverse Chess Strategy by: William Reuter
Winning With the Nimzo-Indian by: Raymond Keene
Winning With The Philidor by: Tony Kosten
Winning With the Queen's Indian (Macmillan Chess Library) by: Ribli Zoltan, Gabor Kallai
Winning With the Sicilian Dragon 2: A Complete Repertoire Against 1 e4 For the Attacking Player by: Chris Ward
Winning with the Trompowsky by: Peter Wells
World Champion at the Third Attempt by: Grigory Sanakoev, John Sugden
World Champion Combinations by: Raymond Keene, Eric Schiller
World Champion Openings, 2nd Edition by: Eric Schiller
World Champion Tactics by: Eric Schiller, Leonid A. Shamkovich
World Championship Candidates' Tournament - Holland 1956 by: Baruch H. Wood, Baruch (Barry) H. Wood
World Championship Candidates' Tournament - Switzerland 1953 by: Baruch H. Wood, Baruch (Barry) H. Wood
World Chess Championship 1937 by: Alexander Alekhine
The World Chess Championship 1954 by: Harry Golombek
World Chess Championship 1957 and 1958 by: Harry Golombek
The World Chess Championship 1963 by: Mikhail M. Botvinnik, Tigran Petrosian, R. G. Wade
WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 1995 from: Cadogan Guides
World Chess Championship: Botvinnik to Kasparov by: R. G. Wade, A. J. Whiteley, R. D. Keene
World Chess Championship: Steinitz to Alekhine by: Pablo Moran
The World¿s Great Chess Games by: Reuben Fine
Your Chess Questions Answered by: Susan Lalic
Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 by: David Bronstein


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