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Monday, May 03, 2004

John Cochrane (1798-1878) 

Chess History With Sarah Beth

In 1824 the two year old Edinburgh Chess Club of Scotland challenged the venerable London Chess Club of England to a five game match. The London team was captained by none other that that renowned player, writer and teacher, William Lewis. Second in command was John Cochrane, who, just a few years earlier, 1821 to be exact, while still a law student had gone to Paris where he lost a triangular match to both Deschapelles (at pawn and 2 odds) and to his protege, Bourdonnais (even odds), but who then turned around and beat Deschapelles at even odds! No one even remembers the last time someone beat Deschapelles even. (the catch was that Deshapelles had to win two thirds of the games, which he failed to do) "
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