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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

About Us

Site Owner

profileburningmanDennis Steele is the person who had the vision to create ChessManiac.com  Dennis started the site in 2003 and it now has a core community of chess enthusiasts, or should we say Chess Maniacs, that visit the site everyday.  They enjoy playing chess, reading about chess and studying chess.  Dennis is from Kirby Vermont.


Contributing Author

billwallWilliam (Bill) Dale Wall is an American chess author and journalist. . He learned chess around age 13 and took chess seriously when he joined the Tacoma, Washington Chess Club in 1969. He is a past Secretary-Treasurer (1976-1978) and President (1978-1980) of the North Carolina Chess Association and past President (1980-1981) and Secretary-Treasurer (1981-1983) of the Ohio Chess Association. He is a past president of the Dayton Chess Club (1982-1985) in Ohio and the Palo Alto Chess Club (1986-1991) in California. He is a past Secretary of the Chess Journalists of America. He is the author of 30 chess books, including the 500 Chess Miniature series, Larsen’s Opening, The Grob, The Orangutan, Winning with the Krazy Kat and Old Hippo, etc. He is a contributor to Chessgames.com and other online chess sites. He is a retired Air Force officer (1970-1995) and former NASA engineer (1985-1991), now working at Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida as an Information Security Systems Engineer (ISSE) supporting NOAA and the National Weather Service. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional  (CISSP)

Tech Lead

Users-xamelleoh-PortraitUrl_100 Andriy Gaday is from the Ukraine and
is ChessManiac.com’s tech lead person.  He is the one that helps us make the site a better place to hang out.



amberAmber Steele is from Kirby Vermont








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