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New User
Welcome to our new chess playing web site! Why join our community of chess players when there are so many other sites where you can play chess? This is a free email, turn based, correspondence chess site with no subscription fees! Email Chess is similar to correspondence chess. The only difference is that your opponent's moves arrive via email. There is no additional software to download and registration is free. Here is what you get. Enjoy!
  • Graphical user interface. Just click to highlight the piece you want to move, then click the square to move to.
  • Move history is displayed either in Algebraic Notation, or in a verbose style.
  • You can select from different board size and piece sets to customize the look of your game.
  • Persistent Games. Games are stored between web sessions.
  • Move validation by JavaScript, including check, pawn promotion, castling and en-passant.
  • "Offer draw" and "Resign" options.
  • You can Chat with your opponent.
  • Multilanguage support in (English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Users are Rated based on victories and loses.
  • Ranking of players based on their rating.
  • User Statistics with History of games and Graphic visualization of rating evolution.
  • Players can choose to join a team with other players.
  • Draw Verification (Stalemate only).
  • You can see who is online.
  • You can choose to play rated or non-rated game.
  • With the analyze feature you can navigate in the history and see all the moves from the beginning.
  • Text File export compatible with PGN.

Online Entry!
Paso Robles Chess Ladder
Ladder is not current. To see current ladder you must visit the club!

Ladder Rules
1. You may only challenge players two spaces above you. (i.e. the player in slot 8 may challenge either player in 7 or slot 6)

2. All challenges must be accepted. Exception: If you have already played a ladder game that night you can opt out of the challenge. A member may play as many ladder games as they can fit into one night.

3. Challenger plays white.

4. If challenger wins he/she takes the losers spot and all players shift down (i.e. if player 8 beats player 6, player 8 moves up to spot 6, player 6 moves down to spot 7 and player 7 moves down to spot 8).

5. All matches are to be played with a clock. All matches are to be G/29. Keep in mind that all ladder games must end by 8:50pm.

6. If you are absent from the chess club your name is placed on inactive status. When you return to the club you will become active. However, you will have to work your way back up the ladder.


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