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Andrew Banche

Andrew Banche
I have been playing chess for about eight years.
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Ben Biesek
Membership Chairman
I'm a Cuesta College student studying architecture. I've played chess for roughly 15 years.
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Alex Bruzzo

Do you play piano? Speak French? Are you Sicilian? The more I learn about chess (I'm just beginning) the more interested I get.

John Bui
Spent most of my childhood getting beat by my older sister at every game. Now she only beats me 4 out of 5 games! 
Jeffery P. Breckan
Long time resident.
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Todd Elder
I am a Cuesta College student and my goal is to become a chess expert and make the basketball team via kick boxing.
I have no email. However, you can reach me at 1814 Osos St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. My home phone is 805-543-9817
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Robert Faust
"Among the various ways of assailing the king's defenses, perhaps the most complicated, dynamic and double-edged is the mutual storm after castling on oposite sides,"-Mark Taimanov.
See , R. Nezhmetdinov - M. TaimanovUSSR Championship Semi-Final, Baku 1951 where the Richter-Rauzer Variation of the Sicilian Defense was played.
Bye for now,
Robert Faust
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Richard Fong
Cal Poly Student. Nice. Here I am.
Howard Gaxiola
I'm a San Luis Obispo native and enjoy playing chess and tennis.
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"Always Learning"
Vice President

A retired teacher, Ralph first learned the moves of chess in the Army. "I was stationed at South Post, Ft. Myer, Va.(Washington D.C. area). We sat around the barracks at night playing chess. At first I just watched, but finally played my first very tentative games. I eventually was able to help a combined military chess team (playing for Ft. Belvoir, Va.) win the Washington D.C. area military chess championship. I played fourth board and secured a draw in my match. My half point helped the team on to victory. I won't say in which year this all occurred!"
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Brad Langer

My USCF rating.
Kevin Maxwell
I study chess because I am in constant dread that Dennis may beat me.
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Barbara McCaleb
Treasurer/Secretary and Founder of the SLO Chess Club

S.L.O. Chess Club has been here for 10 years. Come visit.
The United States Chess Federation ranks Barbara in the top 100 women chess players in the United States.
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Gary McChesney
Have fun ALL in fun :-) 
Jerry Mosley
Visiting from Fox, Oklahoma. Member fo the Ardmore, Ok. Chess club.
Joe Ottrando
Laguna Middle School teacher and chess advisor if you are a student entering Laguna or a parent contact me for more information.
My USCF rating.
Mike Peck
If you would like a message posted here email the

Prashant Periwal
Cal Poly Business Student
Mario Raguz
Resident of the Central Coast since 1992. I am interested in fiction writing and reading it.
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Matthew Robertson
Hello, I am a Cuesta College math instructor. I have been playing chess, it seems like, my entire life. Chess is logical, very much like math. I have played in chess tournaments all over the world. Last summer I competed in Russia. I am the advisor of the Cuesta College Chess Club and I encourage all young people to take up the game of chess. When you get to my math class the logic and pattern recognition will help you with your studies. Check out the Russian Chess website.
My USCF rating.
Bob Smidt

Competed in first tournament at the San Luis Obispo Chess Club on July 17, 2003

Dennis Steele
Club Webmaster
Hello, I love playing chess. I am a graduate student studying to become an elementary school teacher. I am also the founder and tournament director for Student Chess a non-profit organization commited to the developement of after school chess programs in San Luis Obispo County. Please visit my web page. I am also a member of the Internet Chess Club. Check out my ICC rating and look some of my games. Check out my 15 seconds of fame in Chess Life.
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My Favorite Chess Quotes:
" It is a mistake to think that combination is solely a matter of talent, and that it cannot be acquired"-- RETI
"I can see the combinations as well as Alekhine, but I cannot get into the same positions"-- Rudolf SPIELMANN
" The chess-board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature, The player on the other side is hidden from us." -- Thomas HUXLEY (1825-1895).
Rob Vandenouden
Studying chess in the bathroom doesn't improve your skills quickly. Playing chess on Saturdays on the giant chessboard with people applauding your so-so games is good for your ego. To see the whole game on this board you have to be high up so I've got a decided advantage being 6'8". Rating, schmating. Play for fun.
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Richard Weilacker
Club Librarian

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Warren Williamson
Chess is more than a game; it’s a sport, -a mental martial art- and a worthy lifetime pursuit. It repays manifold the energy & time we put into it.
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Dr. Robert S. Wolf

Visit my website.
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Benny Wu
I am from Guam. I am a student at Cal Poly majoring in computer engineering.
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