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The meeting of the San Luis Obispo Chess Club was held in the Craft Room of the Church of the Nazarene on January 15, beginning at 6:15 p.m.

Club members present: Warren Williamson (presiding), Ben Biesek, Jeffrey Breckan, Todd Dougherty, Kevin Maxwell, Barbara McCaleb, Joe Ottrando, Matt Robertson, Dennis Steele, Jon Wulff

President Williamson began the meeting by distributing some proposed amendments to the Bylaws. Steele called point of order to follow the agenda.

Call to Order

President Williamson called the meeting to order and thanked everyone for coming.

Minutes of October 23, 2003

Williamson called for any corrections to the minutes of October 23. Steele called point of order to have the minutes read aloud. Steele read the minutes. Maxwell Moved, Breckan Seconded, and Passed unanimously to approve the minutes. Treasurer’s Report (McCaleb)

Balance October 23, 2003 $ 81.00 Income: 2 Expenditures: stamps @ .37 $7.40
  new members @ $15.00=$30.00   20 photocopy agenda .60 ( 8.00)
  donation (Williamson) 50.00    
New Balance $161.00 Balance in Account $153.00

McCaleb and Williamson reported that they would be opening a checking account at Heritage Oaks Bank with the only charge to be the purchase of checks. Steele Moved, Breckan Seconded to approve the treasurer’s report, Passed unanimously.

Webmaster’s Report

Steele displayed his new business cards. He said that he had prepared a new Web page for SLO Chess Club and reported on current activities occurring at the Web site. Members are invited to view the SLO Chess Club site at and send any comments to him by e-mail. McCaleb Moved, Biesek Seconded, and Passed unanimously to accept the Webmaster’s report. Maxwell, Williamson, and others expressed appreciation to Steele for his work on the Web page.

Unfinished Business

Discussion of Provisional Bylaws

Williamson requested that members review the recommended changes to the Bylaws and be prepared to discuss them and any other recommendations at the next meeting. It was Moved and then Seconded by Breckan to table the Provisional Bylaws discussion until the next meeting. Motion Passed.

Quick Chess Tournaments

It was Moved by Steele that McCaleb, Monson, and Steele form a committee to come up with a schedule of tournaments; Seconded by Maxwell. After discussion, the motion was amended to “appoint a tournament committee consisting of McCaleb, Monson, Steele, and Robertson.” Steele and Maxwell accepted the amendment. The motion Passed as amended. Williamson appointed Steele to chair the committee.

New Business


After discussion, Steele Moved to form a committee to plan for lectures, demonstrations, simuls, etc. It was decided that Robertson, Williamson, Faust and Maxwell would be the committee members. Breckan Seconded. Suggestions to the committee included: seeking input as to what members would like; having more interactive activities; not exceeding one hour in length. The motion Passed unanimously. President Williamson appointed Robertson to chair the committee.

August Tournament

The newly appointed tournament committee will present plans for this tournament.

Club Logo

The logo currently on the Web site for SLO Chess Club was passed around. After discussion, it was Moved by Biesek, Seconded by Breckan that Steele come up with a revised logo. Motion Passed. Steele invited club members to submit suggested logos.

It was Moved by Maxwell that club members have a formal vote to approve the final selection of a club logo; Seconded by Steele; motion Passed.


The club would like someone to volunteer to perform secretarial duties rather than have a combined secretary/treasurer position. We also need a volunteer librarian. McCaleb will temporarily assume librarian duties to log in the new donations from Dougherty.

Next Meeting Date

Steele Moved that the next meeting be on March 11, beginning at 6:00 p.m., Breckan Seconded, and motion Passed.


Ottrando Moved to adjourn the meeting; Wulff Seconded; and motion Passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m. Barbara McCaleb / Secretary

Barbara McCaleb / Secretary