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San Luis Obispo Chess Club Ladder Rules

1. You may only challenge players three spaces above you.

2. All challenges must be accepted, if in accordance with #9, #10 and #11 below. If you have already played a ladder game that night, you may opt out of the challenge. A member may play as many ladder games as will fit into one night.

3. Players will draw for color. (Moved/Seconded/Passed)

4. If challenger wins, he/she takes the losers spot and all players shift down.

5. All matches are to be played with a clock with at least G/30 but not more than G/60. Games must end by 9:45 p.m.

6. It is optional whether a player records the move of a game.

7. A player will have one week’s grace period before any ladder action is taken.

8. A player will lose one spot on the ladder for each week absent after each grace period.

9. Only S.L.O. Chess Club members may participate in the Club Ladder.

10. You may skip one week before accepting a challenge from the player you met the previous week.

11. If you are challenged one week, you have earned the right to challenge the next week.