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Friday, February 10, 2006

Playing Chess - Sounds of Silence

Chess - Sounds of Silence
Chess is such a beautiful game. I was trying to find somewhere to sit quitely the other day when it occured to me how difficult it can be to do this in today's world - to find a corner where there is complete silence, I mean a complete abstinence from noise, even speech. It seems everyone wants a voice, the taciturnity of life is not silent. Can everyone cease firing for a while?

Showing my age now, nostalgia reminds me of my old town libary. I felt and smelt the sound of silence,as soon as I went up the steps through the swing doors (which I loved by the way) one almost tiptoed in, and expectation of a libary has been with me ever since.

When one wants to feel peace and quite - a non machinery enviroment or no background sleeze - a pure reflective time, well, it's becoming more and more difficult. Of course silence doesn't necessarily mean a quite person. I know that sounds contradictary but as man ventures more and more to tamper with life and play scientist even penetrating secrets of life I am supremly confident that awarness response to, say, two people quitely sitting will not be labelled or tampered with. Of course with such, as in chess, ones silence can be explosive. And, one might add, abound with possibilities. Take sitting down with a partner - or opponent to play chess. Silence can create it's own atmosphere it's tensions it's fears, even tears. I know someone who received the faintest of smiles during a game, nothing spoken, but it caused his toes to curl, and hours to unlock them.

And that reminds me I've been in a position where my dark eyes caught a pair of sky-blue ones so much so I nearly had vertigo. With great difficulty on my part I watched her move her 'rook'into the winning position. Such silence. But chess has fasinated me ever since.

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