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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Visionary Chess Art of renowned artist Justin Michael Jenkins

Justin Michael Jenkins
Internationally renowned artist Justin Michael Jenkins is careful when explaining his complex approach to his surreal and unique pencil creations based on many universal themes. "Like a scientist, I explore everyday reality and absorb these explorations, memories, and experiences into my subconscious and conscious realms of thought that I can retrieve once in my studio. I then start out with a concrete idea and start breaking down form in an attempt to eventually show the extremes of existence. Everything is made up of molecules that make up the physical world you see before you. I try to embrace that. Basically, I break down form to build it back up, stretch it and then add geometric shapes and color."

In the artists chess collection, he subjects the laws of chess to this theoretical idea and the result is twelve unique drawings that create surreal, fun, and dynamic landscapes about the game of chess. The artist tries to fuse the structure of chess with the structure of life and the universe, showing a correlation between the two worlds. This fascinating collection is inspired by the games invitation for geometric analysis and the complex interaction between the pieces. This has led him to explore countless geometric relationships between the pieces and the imaginary laws that are formed. As the artist prepared for this collection, he began to dream and visualize surreal worlds that flowed with shape, color, and the various chess pieces in and around these elements. He immediately began his journey in trying to channel these vivid thoughts onto the paper. In the end, the artist has visually represented chess as a study of the universe and the structure of life. He transforms the game into a scientific experiment he uses to better understand the interaction of various forms and this overall pattern of life we engage in everyday.

The approach of artist Justin Michael Jenkins involves the arrangement of color, form, shape, and the involvement of positive and negative contours within the overall composition. When we look at the world from a distance from space, we would conclude from our observations that our world is a complex dynamic of movement, color, shape, and the interaction of all these into one harmonic flow. The artist approaches his works in much the same manner, taking and absorbing everyday life and then subjecting all the complexities and interactions of these object, sounds, and colors to a universal analysis. This analyzation then breaks down these forms and colors into dynamic relationships within the composition, forming a harmonic flow between these elements generating this approach.

"My mission is to visually bring to light what we are made up of, how we relate to life around us, and the grand machine we are all part of and engaged in", states the artist.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Framed prints of his chess works of art, you can visit his website at

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Any company interested in buying these framed prints wholesale to sell in a store can contact the artist at 1-304-376-0762 or email Imaginative Pencil at The artist can give big discounts to large orders of his framed art to anyone interested.


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