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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chess Opening Theory is a symphony

Chess Opening Theory is a symphony!...

Opening Theory is like a symphony!... Allegro con brio...

majestic Kings, sovereign Queens, vindictive little pawns, fiendish Knights, perfidious Bishops and powerful Rooks, moving in all directions onto a virtual giant chessboard, are the various instruments of the International Chess Philharmonic Orchestra...

Be careful now because all Masters and Grandmasters, through space and time, in a magnificent cohort, enter into the vast hall and keep place facing their favourite instruments.

Greco, Philidor, de la Bourdonnais, Saint Amant, Stauton, Morphy,
Anderssen, Pillsbury, Steinitz, Tarrasch, Nimzovich, Reti, Tartakower,
Lasker, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal, Fischer, Petrossian, Spassky, Karpov,
Korchnoi, Kasparov, Polgar etc, etc... They are all here and already their multicolored names resonate like a strange song.

then, in a total silence, appears the Chess Goddess, holding a luminous baton...

Adagio - Allegro molto ...

It's the start position, the initial instant, the Chess Big Bang!... The wide chess universe, completely virgin. But in this exciting instant all Masters and Grandmasters, according to the supple and accurate movements of Chess Goddess' luminous baton, are playing and you may understand clearly this powerful and harmonious music climbing up rapidly toward the firmament... 1.Nf3, 1...g6, 3...e6,
7.Bxg5!?, 11...Ba6!! .... notes appearing suddenly, jumping up and being linked together, everyone at the right time, at the right place...

We recognize now a magnificent musical theme ... Poco Sostenuto - Vivace...

C31, King's gambit opening, Falkbeer counter-gambit, A52, Budapest, Adler Variation, B80, Sicilian, Scheveningen variation, C71, Ruy Lopez, modern Steinitz defence!... The virtual chessboard vibrates and warps ... and suddenly we reach the apotheosis ... Then Philidor is as greater as Johan Sebastian Bach, Morphy competes with Franck Schubert, Alekhine gets the Wagner's perfection and Bobby Fischer upgrades Igor Stravinsky!

This way are meticulously explored all musical registers it's possible to investigate ... without, at any time, get a discord.

Allegretto - Presto...

A00, Polish, Outflanc variation, Grob attack, Crab opening, Venezolana, Van't Kruijs, Amsterdam attack, Durkin's attack, C70, Cozio defence deferred, D40, Semi-Tarrasch defence, Pillsbury variation .... Rondo, Valse, Menuet, Tango, Sonatine ... We explore progressively and systematically every minor themes and secondary variations ...

And then, in a final and spectacular show, we reach great movements of main symphonies ... And exactly like Mozart's concertos, Beethoven's symphonies, Verdi's operas or Schubert's Leaders resonate in our mind greater chess opening

Presto - Allegro con brio ...

Sicilian: Najdorf, Grunfeld: Smyslov variation, Marshall counter-attack, Ruy Lopez: Breyer or Chigorin, Nimzo-Indian: Rubinstein etc...

Yes indeed... Chess Opening Theory is a symphony!

Reprinted with the permission of Chess-Theory Copyright


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