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  • Fischer Interview 12/09/2001 on World Trade Center Attack

    This is a transcript Bobby Fischer interview taken shortly after the attack on the world trade center 11/09/2001. Thanks also to P. van der Hoog for providing some parts.


    Mr Mercado about this interview:
    "Bobby rang me up while he was watching the events in New York live on television. He felt so strongly about what he was watching, he wanted to say the American government had it coming to them.
    I was shocked but not surprised. I know his views about America because I have spoken to him on a number of occasions and met him through our mutual friend Eugene Torre. It is Bobby Fischer without a shadow of a doubt."
    Mr Mercado said that Mr Fischer had put on weight since his last public appearance and talked constantly of his old chess matches. He always carried chess books with him. The Telegraph tracked down Mr Fischer to his hideaway in Japan on Friday but he put the telephone down... Mr Fischer is already wanted for questioning by the FBI for breaking UN sanctions by taking part in a chess match in Serbia against Boris Spassky in 1992 - his first for 20 years. The match broke sanctions imposed by the United Nations and in a controversial move he was indicted in the United States. President George Bush, the father of the current president, gave his personal approval for the legal action. (Telegraph 02/12/2001)

    Pablo (Radio Bombo): ..We have on the line a notified friend, so well uh.. we used to interview now and then for the past several years, uh I think for the past four years .. We have a chess grandmaster ...uh yes he was the World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer and he is on the line right now and he would like to view his opinion and give some commentary on what happened at the world trade center just a few hours ago and ... It could be an attack at the White House and I think the Pentagon too...he is in right here

    Fischer: How are you doing, Pablo

    Pablo: Well..

    Fischer: Yes this is all wonderful news, it is time that the fucking Jews get their heads kicked in. It's time to finish off the US once and for all. ...Everybody knows how you ... how you..uh

    Pablo: Just give us a few simple statements

    Fischer: I was happy, could not really believe what has happened. I just cant be crying about the US , you know ..All the crimes the US is committing all over the world. This just shows, what goes around, that comes around even to the United States. Thats what happened tonight, what goes around comes around even to the United States.

    Pablo: Mhm, You are saying you are ... you are happy about what happened?

    Fischer: Yes, I applaud the act. Look nobody gets.. no one.. that the US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians for years. Robbing and slaughtering for years and treating everyone like shit. Now it is coming back at the US. Fuck the US, I wanna see the US wake up..

    Pablo: Hehe, right ... Well the US is super power, how did...

    Fischer: Well , probably it is not as powerful as everybody thought, there were highjacked those planes , there has been no intelligence on this, it was a major operation, Pablo, probably, hundreds of people were hoping for this.

    Pablo: Mhm, yes

    Fischer: How is it possible that the great US is nobody (high-pitched voice)

    Pablo: Yeah, thats what they have been doing here in the Philippines, and considering the properties they have right now you know... business...

    Fischer: What I am really hoping for, Pablo, did you ever see that movie Seven Days In May

    Pablo: Yes,yes

    Fischer: That's a movie about a general who tries to take over the USA. I think it was with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, it was based on a book. I saw that years ago.

    Pablo: Yes I did

    Fischer: That was more than a plain gesture.

    Pablo: Yeah,yeah.

    Fischer: I was really for the generals, you know. but in the end the president of the so-called democracy won. But I'm hoping for some kind of a Seven Days In May scenario in the lakes of Ontario, where the country will be taken over by the military, all the civil guards, to close down all the synagogues, arrest all the Jews, execute hundreds of thousand of Jewish ringleaders, and ,you know, apologize to the Arabs for the killing, .. for all the Jews over there of that bandit state, you know Israel. I'm hoping for a totally new world.

    Pablo: Really?

    Fischer: Yeah. Nobody here gives a shit about the Japanese. How many hundreds of thousand people did the US kill with the atom bombs , justifying it with the most ridiculous excuse that it saved millions American soldiers, when Japan would gonna surrender in a few weeks or month or so anyway. Right? The United State is based on lies, is based on theft. Look what I have done for the US. Nobody has single handily done more for the US them me, I really believe in this. When I won the World Championship in 1972, the United States had an image of ,you know, a football country, baseball country, but nobody thought of it as an intellectual country. I turned all that around single handily, right? But I was useful then because it was the cold war, right? But now I'm not useful anymore, you see, the cold war is over and now they want to wipe me out, get everything I have, put me into prison.
    You have to go back to the root of history of the country, look at the history of the country. Get something for nothing. Take and kill. Rob the country, they don't come in a civilized manner and say we like to marry your women, and so on. No, they take your land and they kill you off. That's the history of the US. Why did the white man not come to America, like in a civilized manner, preaching freedom of religion, say we like to come here. We like to assimilate, we like to marry your women. But no, we take your land and kill you off , right? Bring over slaves from Africa. That's the history of the United States. A despicable country, you know. Even as a boy I never had the slightest interest in the history of the US, I knew their was something rotten in Denmark.
    The US just will not do what they have to do. The US has to say we're sorry, our whole foreign policy has been wrong for the last several hundred years, we are going to pull back all our troops from all over the world, we are not going stop support Israel and so on. But they only will say that this cowardly act will be punished.
    Democracy is just a load of bullshit, it is just a cover for the criminal nature of the United States of America. But I'm hoping for the Seven Days In May scenario, where sane people will take over the US, military people. They will imprison the Jews, they will execute several hundred thousand of them, at least. And they will bring home all the troops to the US. And ultimately the white man should leave the US, the black man should go back to Africa, the white back to Europe, and the country should be returned to the American Indians who lived there for, who knows how many, ten of thousands of years. They kept the land crystal clean. It was a beautiful country when the white man came. This is the future I would like to see for the so-called United States.
    Dead to the US. They are the worst liars and bastard. This is a wonderful day.

    Some passages from previous interviews:

    Pablo: People say you are regarded as a chess genius.

    Fischer: I object to being called a chess genius, because I consider myself to be an all around genius, who just happens to play chess, which is rather different. A piece of garbage like Kasparov might be called a chess genius, but he is like an idiot savant, outside of chess he knows nothing.

    Fischer: I think the Jews want to drive the elephants to extension, because the trunk of the elephant reminds them of an uncircumcised penis.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Fischer: No really, I am absolutely serious about that.

    Pablo: But where did you get this opinion?

    Fischer: From my head, from my observations. They donít do anything to stop the encroachment on the nature that the elephant needs to survive.

    Pablo: Oh, uh, Wow.

    Fischer: Jews are sick, they are mental cases

    Pablo: But Bobby, here in the Philippines circumcision is quite excepted, really I saw on TV there was (..)

    Fischer: This is the Jewish American influence, the same as in the US (..) Also in Japan, Pick up any girly magazine, and they will have page after page of advertisements by circumcision clinics, and they promote it there in Japan not so much for the p.. but they say you can rest (erect?) longer and the girls like it better and they show all the girls smiling to these circumcised guys. Circumcision is an absolute crime. The Jews say they know better then millions of years of evolution.

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