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  • Henrique Mecking's Chess Games: Mecking playing chess at

    Grandmaster Henrique Mecking (born 1952 in Santa Cruz, Brazil) is the best world class chessplayer to come from South or Latin America. His style of play was demanding and his preparation legendary. By playing the sharpest lines and making massive physical exertions - he was the perfectionist in search of the best moves like his USA counterpart Bobby Fischer; Mecking's best games are so smooth as to appear effortless.

    Friday, June 11, 2004

    Mecking playing chess at

    Mecking is rumored to be playing chess here at He has the following stats on the site:

    Finished games 69
    Victories 69 (100%)
    Defeats 0
    Draw 0
    Active Games 47

    He goes by Mr. M on In order to veiw his games you must register for a free account. Check it out for yourself.


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