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Monday, January 23, 2006

Chess Computers - Should You Get One?

The chess computer is a tool, a skill builder if you will. For
those that truly enjoy the game of chess, there is no better
partner to play with. While many that enjoy playing chess would
like to own one of these computers, it should be said that they
are often costly and often are complicated to use to a beginner
computer user. But, for others, these are the most excellent of
tools for your chess career.

The Good

There are a number of benefits to owning your own chess
computer. For example, you can play whenever the mood strikes
you from early morning to the middle of the night. You don't
have to wait around for your friend to be in the mood. You also
have the ability to use tutorials that can help you to learn to
play or to increase your own playing abilities with these
computers. They are designed to allow for all sorts of play, so
you get to do what you feel is necessary. You can also restart a
game that has gone bad ;-)

The Bad

There are some disadvantages of owning these computers as well.
A chess player that is not human can not make the mistakes that
a human can make. Therefore, the computer is a much more
difficult competitor. Not only that, but they also do not
prepare you for the reactions of human play. And, of course,
they can be quite an investment as well. You can find various
options to choose from, though, from software programs to
complete programs.

The Verdict

It's important to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages
when it comes to computers like these chess computers. For many,
the goal of owning a chess computer is only a dream. You should
realize that they are mainly for those who are advanced players
who are playing chess at the club level. Then again, to get to
this point, many will need a chess coach. The chess computer can
be the chess coach that you need to take your game to the
highest level it can be at. If you have the funds for a chess
computer and a true love of the game, making that purchase can
put you one step ahead of the rest.

About the author:
Mike Singh is a successful webmaster and publisher of . He provides the basic
chess rules
and excellent chess
to take your game to the next level.


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