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Friday, June 16, 2006

Chess Books Online

Chess is a very complex game. Each piece of your army has it's own skills, strengths and weaknesses and you are constantly trying to figure out what your opponent figured out. With 64 squares on the board almost everything is possible. Being a successful player is based on one rule: knowledge is power.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are two nineteen year old chess players from Groningen, The Netherlands.

Like every dedicated chess player, our brains are never satiated with knowledge of chess. Good chess is about strategy, tactics and pattern recognition. When you know and recognize a position, you're in control. The most efficient way to achieve this is to read, read and keep reading.

Until a year ago we used the website of to purchase our chess books online. Their large collection of chess books is most definitely a 'gift from heaven' for all chess enthusiast around the world.

However, the way chess books are categorized on the website is, in our opinion, a major drawback. We found it very difficult to find books about for example, a specific opening, how to start an attack in the middlegame and chess books especially suitable for juniors or beginners. Therefore we decided to create a website with the advantages of, and an added improvement from our side.

Our goal was to make a website large enough to contain all Amazon's chess books, with a clear structure and logically ordered. We started with selecting all different openings, middlegame and endgame books. We expanded these categories with subcategories of each specific opening and possible middlegame and endgame situations. We also created many other categories such as books for juniors, books about tournaments and many, many more. This enormous database was connected to a powerful search option, specially developed for our website.

It soon became clear that it would be a lot of work, and it turned out to be. It demanded blood, sweat and tears and long hours of work.

The result of this intense project has become We are sure that every chess player will find our website useful.

Are you a chess player that wants to improve? Read!

Are you looking for chess books? Visit Us!


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