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Monday, December 15th, 2014

List of Artists with Chess theme

Here is a list of artists that painted or created some art work with a chess theme or chess motif.

Abdullaeva, Dilorom (1968- ); “chess players”
Abrunheiro, Jose; “Empate ou xeque-mate”
Ackermann, Paul (1908-1981); “The Game of Chess”
Adams, Alicia Melamed (1927- ); “Marriage is a game of chess” (1995)
Adams, Alicia Melamed (1927- ); ‘love and music’
Agnel, Hyacinth R. (1799-1871); “How a World Was Won” (1848)
Agnel, Hyacinth R. (1799-1871); “The Midnight Challenge” (1848)
Agnel, Hyacinth R.; “The Monkey and the Gascon Chess Knight” (1848)
Aguilar, Fortino; “Jaque” (2002)
Aiken, John MacDonald (1880-1961); “The Chess Problem”
Alexandrova, Ludmilla (1968- ); “Schachspiel-Spiel der konige1 and 2″ (1998)
Allende Bellido, Fernando (1952- ); “The Chess Theory”
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence (1836-1912); “The Egyptian Chess Players” (1865)
Alonso, Jose Ignacio; “Jugador de cartas y ajedrez” (1995)
Alvarado Granda, Olmedo; “Jaque mate a un pastor” (2005)
Alvarez, Jose Buzon; “Trofeus”
Amburn, Dale (1928-2014); “Chess Players #2″ (2003)
Amburn, Dale (1928-2014); “Chess Players #4″ (2003)
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chess Strategy”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Two Chess Games”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chess” (1966)
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chess Game”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Duel”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chess Board”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chess Players”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chess Move”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Checkmate”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Chessmen”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “End Game”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Expresso”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Game of Kings”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “The Move”
Amen, Irving (1918-2011); “Girl Chess Move” (1977)
Ancellin, Phillipe (1922-1990); “Les joueurs d’echecs” (1982)
Anderson, Stanley (1884-1966); ‘the chess players’ 1925
Anderson, Stanley; “In Check – Scene At a London Eating-House” (1932)
Andree, Teresa; “Chess” (2002)
Andreis, Alex de (1871-1939); “Cavaliers Playing Chess”
Andreis, Alex de (1871-1939); ‘cardinals playing chess’
Andreis, Alex de (1871-1939); ‘the arrival of D’Artagnan’
Andreotti, Federico (1847-1930); ‘the chess game’ (1876)
Anguissola, Sofonisba (1532-1625); “Artist’s Sisters Playing Chess (Le giocatrici di scacci)” (1555) [Poznan, Musem Narodowe]
Antipova, Evgenia (1917-2009); “Boys in the Garden” (1980)
Antipova, Evgenia; “Chess Players” (1980)
Antonov, Sergey (1937- ); “Chess” (2003)
Appert, G (1850-1934); ‘cavaliers playing chess’
Aranda, Jose Jimenez (1837-1903); “An Afternoon at Seville” (1883)
Aranda, Jose Jimenez (1837-1903); “El Cafe” (1889)
Arnoult, Nicolas (1650-1722); “Le Jeu des Echecs” (1686)
Aron, Kalman (1924- ); “Observation on Echo Park”
Aron, Kalman (1924- ); “The Chess Player”
Aron, Kalman (1924- ); “The Chess Players”
Aron, Kalman (1924- ); “A Gathering of Chess Players”
Aru, Inga (1964- ); “Chess Game”
Attina, Nino; “Giocatori di scacchi” (1990)
Aubert; “Grand bataille au café de la regence” (1843)
Aubert; “quand finira donc cette partie” (1843)
Aureli, Giuseppe; “Una partita difficile a scacchi”
Avery, Sally Michael (1902-2003); “Chess Game” (1978)
Avetisian, Artour; “The Game”
Avetisian, Minas (1928-1975); “Chess Players” (1971)
Avram, Adrian; “Still file with chess board”
Baba, Corneliu (1906-1997); “man playing chess”
Bacchus, Dennis (1976- ); “chess players”
Badacsonyi, Sandor (1949- ); “Raoul Jose Capablanca”
Baines, Andrew; “Checkmate”
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “The Game” (1990) [Boston Pucker Gallery]
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Red Queen” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “The Desert Game” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Italian Interlude” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Round Table” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “The Leaders” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Knights” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Being There” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Figures” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “As Time Passes” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Quite Clear” (2001)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Near the Riverside” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Project for problems” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “The Game of War” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Marital base” (1990)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Three Kings” (1991)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Art of Self Sacrifice” (1998)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Group portrait” (1998)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Opponents” (1998)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Progonged rest” (1998)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Study after sheltering Myths A” (1999)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Auspiciuos Moon” (2001)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Consolidation” (2001)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Small battlefield” (2001)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Above and below” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “Across” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “As clear as the day” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “bishop, knight, rook” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “boards meeting” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “cavalcade” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ); “cease fire” (2003)
Bak, Samuel (1933- ): “Knowledgeable”
Bakalowicz, Wladyslaw (1833-1903); “Louis XIII Inviting Richelieu to a Game of Chess” (1876)
Baker, Myfanwy; “Chess Game”
Bakins, Thomas; “chess-players” (1876)
Baldero, Luigi (1800-1899); “Tavern Interior with Chess Match”
Baldero, Luigi (1800-1899); “A Game of Chess”
Baldini, Johnny (1935- ); Italian painter of chess.
Barascudts, Max (1869-1927); “Eine interessante Partie” (An Interesting Game)
Barascudts, Max (1869-1927); “Cardinals at Chess” (1900)
Barascudts, Max (1869-1927); “Head-to-head: A Game of Chess”
Barbu, Floriana; “chess players at Fischer’s Pub”
Bargue, Charles (1826-1883); “The Chess Game” (1882)
Bargue, Charles (1826-1883); “The Chess Players” (1882)
Basile, Gennaro (1722-1782); “Hainfeld Castle” (1750)
Barthe, Victor (1887-1954); “Paulo Boi and the Devil” (1936)
Baugin, Lubin (1610-1663); “The Five Senses” (1630) [Paris, Louvre]
Baumeister, Willi (1889-1955); “Chess” (1925)
Becker, Carl (1820-1900); “Franz, Adelaide and the Bishop of Bamberg” (1892)
Beda, Francesco (1840-1900); “The Chess Game (Partita a scacchi)”
Belyaev, Nikolai (1916- ); “Endgame”
Benedictine Abbey in Bavaria; chess set (1300)
Bennett,Frank Moss (1874-1952); “Chess Game with a Cardinal and Abbot” (1922)
Bercigli, Gianandrea; “La partita” (2000)
Bereny, Robert; “Woman with chess-bard”
Berndtson, Gunnar (1854-1895); “Sakkia”
Bertiglia, Aurelio (1891-?); chess and checker postcards
Besser, Bernd (1946- ); “Die Auseinandersetzung” (2003)
Bezzuoli, Giuseppe (1784-1855); “Der Conte Guido Novello spield Schach”
Bida, Alexandre (1813-1895); “Three Turks Playing chess”
Bigland, Percy; “Checkmate in Four Moves” [Williamson Art Gallery]
Bilinski, Roman (1897-1981); “Ettore e gli scacchi” (1967)
Bird, Herbert A.; “The Chessplayer” (1929)
Bisson, A. Ernest V; “Une serieuse partie” (1914)
Blaettner, Johannes Samuel (1633-1705)
Blanchard, Augoste-Thom as-Marie; “The Chess-Players”
Blanco, Rafael (1885-1865); “una partida de ajedrez”
Blashfield, Edwin (1846-1936); ‘chess players’
Blaylock, Jason; “Old and New” “Checkmate”
Bles, David Joseph (1821-1899); “Chess Players” (1876)
Blumberg, Ron (1908-2002); “Chess game in the park” (1958)
Bogdanove, Abraham; “the chess problemist” (1920)
Bogle, L; “After Lunch in the City: A Game of Chess” (1891)
Boichard, Georges; “the chess game” (1889)
Boileau, Alan (1958- ); “Chess players”
Boileau, Alan (1958- ); “Two men playing chess”
Boilly, Louis Leopold (1761-1845); “Playing chess at the café de la regence”
Boilly, Louis Leopold (1761-1845); “le jeu des echecs” (1792) (1800)
Bois, Guy Pene du (1884-1958); “man at a Table and end of the Evening”
Bois, Guy Pene du (1884-1958); “chess tables, Washington square” (1950)
Boix, Richard; “Da-Da” (1921)
Bolmida, Carlo Giuseppa; “two knights defense”
Bonassi, Jodi (1953- ); “Chess Player in Blue” (1999)
Bonassi, Jodi (1953- ); “players in the pictures”
Bonassi, Jodi (1953- ); “The chess players”
Bonassi, Jodi (1953- ); “The chess players #2″
Bonetti, Enzo (1916-1987); “partita a scacchi in conento” (1953)
Bonfils, Gaston (1855-1946); “the chess game”
Bonner, George (1796-1836); “checkmate and liberty”
Bonneau, Fred (1960- ); “Les echecs” (2004)
Bordone, Paris Paschalino(1500-1571); “The Chess Players (Partita a scacchi)” (1540) [Berlin, Staatliche Preussicher Kulturbesitz]
Borges, Norah (1901-1998); “Ajedrez” (1922)
Borghese, Franz (1941-2005); “Scacchi”
Borghese, Franz; “Partita a scacchi”
Borghese, Franz; “Gli scacchi”
Borghese, Franz; “La scacchiera umana” (2004)
Borione, Barnard (1865-1900); “A Game of Chess” (1906)
Borione, Barnard (1865-1900); “Checkmate”
Borione, Barnard (1865-1900); “gentlemen playing chess”
Bortnyik, Sandor (1893-1976); “Sakkozok” (1970)
Bosi, Enrico; “Scacchi”
Bottrich, Annette; “Schach”
Boucher, Francois (1703-1770); “Les Echecs”
Bouilly, Louis (1716-1845); “The Chess Game”
Boxem, Hans; “Mat aan di Ijssel”
Bradley, Terry (1965- ); “The Chess Player”
Bradshaw, Blair; “The immortal game” (2006)
Brandegee, Robert Bolling (1848-1922); “The Chess Players” (1890)
Brandel, Konstanty (1838-1920); “Szachy”
Braque, Georges (1882-1963); “La Patience” (1942)
Bray, Jan de (1627-1697); “chessplayer” (1661)
Brend’amour, Robert Francois Richard (1831-1915)
Bresciani, Antonio (1902-1977); “Gioco di scacchi” (1977)
Bretherton, James; a Game at Chess
Breton, Michel; “Echiquier”
Bridgman, Frederik (1847-1928); “An Interesting Game” (1881)
Brindatch, Victor (1941- ); “Jews Playing Chess”
Brispot, Henri; “La partie d’echecs” (1909)
Briss, Sami; “La lecon d’echecs”
Briss, Sami; “la joueuse d’echecs”
Briss, Sami; “la partie au bord du village”
Briss, Sami; “la partie simultanee”
Briss, Sami; “le joueur d’echec”
Briss, Sami; “der bauer”
British (Scottish) School; “Chess Players” (1820)
Brown, Lucy (1843-1894); “Ferdinand and Miranda playing chess” (1871)
Browne, Margaret (1884-1972)
Brozik, Vaclav (1851-1901); “Dagmar and Strage Ebbesen at the Chess Table” (1880)
Bruck, Lajos; “La partie d’echecs”
Bruckner, Curt or Curt Echtermeyer (1896-1971); “The Chess Players”
Bruckner, Curt (1896-1971); “The Chess Match”
Brugger, Arnold; “Schachspieler” (1914)
Bruguera, Josep; “Blanques i negres”
Brunclair, Eugene (1832-1918); “Chess”
Brunery, Francois (1849-1926); “The Game of Chess” or “Lovers Chess”
Brunery, Francois (1849-1926); “Cardinals Playing Chess”
Brunery, Marcel (1893-1982); “The Game of Chess”
Brunin, Leon De Muetter (1861-1949); “The Chess Game”
Buchbinder, Szymon (1853-1908); “Partia szachow”
Buchholz, Quint; “Chess”
Buchmalerei; “miniature aud dem shaname” (1500)
Budd, Herbert Ashwin; “The Chess Board” (1927)
Bueno, Antonio (1918-1984); “La scacchiera” (1949)
Buffet, Bernard (1928-1999); “chess board with playing cards” (1956)
Bull, Gillian (1936- ); “The Chess Players” (2010)
Bull, Gillian (1936- ); “The Chess Players II” (2010)
Bunbury, Henry William (1750-1811); “A Game at Chess” (1780)
Bundy, Edgar (1862-1922); ‘the chess game’
Burdick, Scott; “Chess pavilion”
Burleigh, Michael; ‘chess dreams’
Burne-jones, Edward; ‘kelmscott’ 1896
Burt, Charles Thomas (1823-1902); ‘game of chess’ (1851)
Butler, Roy; “Your move”
Buttafa, Fabrizio; “La partita”
Buttafa, Fabrizio; “Pedone”
Butts, Fred (1942- ); “Luxembourg Gardens” (1986)
Butts, Fred (1942- ); “Your Move” (1986)
Caballero, Maximo (1867-1951); “A Game of Chess”
Cairo, Carlos; “Il duello” (1994)
Cairo, Carlos; “Cavallo troiano” (1997)
Cairo, Carlos; “Warnung” (2000)
Calderon, Heather; “The Game”
Califice, Pol; “Jeu d’echecs”
Campanella, Vito; “La famiglia del guerriero”
Campi, Giulio (1500-1572); “La partita a scacchi” (1550) [Torino, Museo Civico Arte Moderne]
Cantina, Giovanni; “Partita surreale a scacchi” (1993) “Gli scacchi” (2011)
Caravaggio (1571-1610); “chess players”
Carles, Martine; “La pathetique decheance des barons aveugles”
Carniolus, E.G.; “Playing Chess with Destiny”
Caro-Delvaille, Henri (1876-1928); “My wife and her sisters (ma femme et ses souers)” (1904)
Carracci, Ludovico (1555-1619); “I giocatori di scacchi” (1590) [Berlin, Gemaldegalerie]
Carrier-Belleuse, Louis-Robert (1848-1913); “chess players”
Carver, Jon; “Chess Players” (1993)
Carver, Jon; “The game of chess” (1994)
Carver, Jon; “Chess board” (1994)
Carver, Jon; “Good vs. Evil” (1994)
Carver, Jon; “Endgame” (1998)
Castiglione, Giuseppe (1829-1908)
Caxton; chess woodcut for Game and Playe of the Chesse (1474)
Cederstrom, Ture; “The chess players”
Chalon, Alfred Edward (1780-1860); “Lo scacco matto e vicino”
Chanoir, Jean; “Echecs”
Charpentier, Alexandre (1856-1909); “girl playing chess”
Chauski, Moshe (1935- ); “Chess Players”
Chazov, Vadyn; “Still life with a chess board” (2000)
Chessa, Gigi (1895-1935); ‘interno’
Chiebowski, Stanislaw (1835-1884); “Chess Players”
Chimento, Laurent (1974- ); “Etinenne Bacrot” (2007)
Chiriac, Daniel Cristian (1972- ); “Chess” “the queen has fallen down”
Chiriac, Daniel Cristian (1972- ); “gold – facades and masquerades”
Chocarne-Moreau, Paul Charles (1855-1931); “Une bonne lecon”
Choijiljavin, Baasanjav (1977- ); “entreaty” 2010
Chossat, Jean-Luc; “Jouers d’echecs aux Halles, Paris” (1998)
Christensen, James; “the chess match”
Christie, Alexander (1901-1946); “The Chess Problem” (1923)
Chritchlow, N.B.; “Checkmate” (1947)
Chrzanoska, Jane Whiting (1948- ); “The Ringer”
Chukur, S.; “Checkmate”
Cikovsky, Nicolai (1894-1938); “Chess” (1936)
Ciucurencu, Alexandru (1903-1977); “playing chess” (1941)
Ciucurencu, Alexandru (1903-1977); “chess players” (1943)
Clark, Joseph (1834-1919); “The chess players” (1860)
Claudet, Antoine (1797-1867); “chess players”
Cocteau, Jean (1889-1963); “Lancelot playing chess with the devil” (1939)
Codex Manasse for King Otto IV of Brandenburg; chess diagram (1330)
Coll, Inma; “El ajedrez turco” (1999)
Comte, Pierre-Charles (1823-1895)
Continental School; “a game of chess”
Continental School; “the chess game”
Cook, Cory; “Time Trouble”
Cook, James (1904-1960); “The Chess Players” (1958)
Corbellini, Luigi (1901-1968)
Cotes, Francis (1726-1770); “Portrait of William Earle Welby”
Coulier, Henry; “la bataille fut aspre” “vitrail”
Cox, David (1783-1859); “William henry hunt”
Creese, Michael; “queen of chess” “knight of chess”
Creffield, Dennis; “Chessmen” (1966)
Creifelds, Richard (1853-1939); “The Veterans” (1886)
Cremona, Girolamo da (1467-1473); “The Chess Players” (I giocatori di scacchi)
Critchlow, Michael Bernard (1904- ); “Checkmate” (1947)
Crockwell, Douglass (1904-1968); “Check!” beer and ale ad (1955)
Crook, Pamela J (1945- ); “The Chess Players” (1990)
Crook, Pamela J (1945- ); “Chess” (1987)
Croset, Michel; “Echec et mat”
Cruikshank, George (1792-1878); “A Game of Chess” (1835)
Cukier, James (1900-1981); “Chess Players”
d’Esparbes, Jean (1899-1968); “The Chess Player”
da Silva, Vieira (1908-1992); “Jacque Mate” (1949)
Dadd, F; “Those Laugh Who Win” (1885)
Dadd, Richard; “The Child’s Problem”
Daini, Augusto (1860-1920); “Scacco matto”
Dali, Salvador (1904-1989); “Metamorphosis of Narcisus” (1937)
Damenopfer; “Chess pieces”
Danhauser, Joseph (1805-1845); “Game of Chess” (1839)
Daniels, William (1813-1880); “Chess Players” (1850?) [Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool]
Danner, Carole Ann (1955- ); “Chess Piece” (2006)
Daumier, Honore (1808-1879); “The Chess Player” (1865) [Paris, Musee du Petit Palais]
Daumier, Honore (1808-1879); “Les saltimbanques au repose” (1865)
Davidenkova, Lydia (1939- ); “chess” (2000)
de Andreis, Alex (1820-1929); “cardinal playing chess”
de Andreis, Alex (1820-1929); “a game of chess”
De Cornelis, Man; “The Chess Players” (1670)
De Kristo, Bela; “les joueurs d’echecs” (1984)
De Gennaro, Luigi; “Scacco matto alla signora”
De Lara Millares, Juan; “Estudiando ajedrez” (2002)
De Lara Millares, Juan; “La habitacion del ocio”
De Marchi, Agostino; “Stallo del cooro ligneo” (1470)
De Moor, Carel (1655-1738); “the chess players” (1693)
De Oliveira, Hermelindo; “Xadrez” (1996)
de Pizan, Christine (1364-1430); “Ulysse jouant aux echecs”
De Pietri, Alberto; “Conclusione di una partita a scacchi”
De Siano, Ralph; “Checkmate”
De Vries, Anneke; “Chess piece”
Defragger, Franz (1835-1921); “game of chess”
Del Duca, Claudio; “Partita con gli dei” (1993)
Delacroix, Eugene (1798-1863); “Arabs Playing chess” (1847) [Edinburgh, National Gallery]
Delavel, Pierre-Louis; “portrait of kan-goo”
Demenchenko, Sergey; “The queen” (1989)
Dent, Rupert; “Checkmate pugs”
Depero, Fortunato (1892-1960); “Buschus” (1937)
Desperet; “Louis Philippe against the Republic”
Deurs, Caroline Schonheydervan (1860-1932); “young chess player”
Deutsch, Ludwig (1855-1935); “The Chess Game” (1896)
DeVilbiss; “Morphy vs. Lowenthal”
Devis, Arthur (1712-1787); “Two Men Playing Chess” [King’s Lynn Town Hall]
DeWhitt, Debbie; “chess pieces”
Di Pietro, Nicolo; “A Scene in the Life of St Augustine”
Diderot, Denis; chess piece engravings (1776)
Diehl, Bernd; “Chess to the Lady”
Diehl, Bernd; “Happy Islands”
Diehl, Bernd; “Pandora’s box”
Diehl, Bernd; “3rd October Berlin”
Digeon, Dominique (1959- ); “Alekim Bogolgabov” (1998)
Doering, Adam Lude (1925- ); “Schach” (2002)
Dominguez, Manuel; “Ajedrez”
Dominguez Perez, Fiz; “Jaque mate”
Douillet-Chevoleau, Raymond; “Checkmate”
Dovaston, Margaret (1884-1955); “Checkmate”
Dovaston, Margaret (1884-1955); “The Chess Game”
Doyle, John; “A Game At Chess: Lord Grey Playing William IV” (1832)
Draper, William F.(1912-2003); “chess by lamplight” (1942)
Drewes, Werner (1899-1985); “The Chess Game” (1938)
Drewes, Werner (1899-1985); “Strangers at Chess” (1947)
Dring, Dennis William (1904-1990); “Off Watch” (1943)
Duboy, M; “Nachtragliche Kritik” (1890)
Dubrov, Boris (1979- ); “jews playing chess” (2007)
Dubrov, Boris (1979- ); “the chess game” (2009)
Duchamp, Gaston Emile (1875-1963) (Jacques Villon); “La partie d’echecs” (1904)
Duchamp, Marcel (1887-1968); “La Partie d’echecs” (1910) [Philadelphia, Musuem of Art]
Duchamp, Marcel; “Portrait of Chess Players (Portrait de joueurs d’echecs)” (1911) [Philadelphia, Musuem of Art]
Duchamp, Marcel (1887-1968); “Study for Chess Players” (1911) [New York, Guggenheim Museum]
Duchamp, Marcel (1887-1968); “Joueurs d’echecs” (1911)
Duchamp, Marcel; “King and Queen surrounded by Swift Nudes” (1912)
Duffie, Reggie; “the good knights”
Duncan, Grant (1885-1978); “Nature morte avec un Matisse” (1971)
Dunlop, Brian; “Chess Players” (2003)
Duran Quintana, Marta; “La partida d’escacs” (2003)
Durham, Diana; ‘chess queen’
Eakins, Thomas (1844-1916); “The Chess Players” (1876) [New York, Metropolitan Art Museum”
Edel, Anton (1800-1850); “figurensatz”
Edelson, Dalgis (1961- ); “World Chess” (2010)
Edridge, Henry; “Chess Player” (1810)
Ekwall, Knut (1843-1912); “proposal” (1880s)
Elliott, Charles Loring (1812-1868); “Paul Morphy” (1859)
Ender, Eduard (1824-1883); “A Game of Chess” (1857)
Enjouras, Delphin (1857-1945); “the game of chess”
Epstein, Jehudo (1870-1946); “Jews playing chess” (1892)
Erdmann, Otto (1834-1905); “the chess players”
Ergun, Serkan (1980- ); “world champions”
Ernst, Max (1891-1976); designed a chess set (1944
Ernst, Rudolph (1854-1932); “A Game of Chess”
Escher, Maurits Cornelis (1898-1972); “Chessboard”
Esmein, Jeanne; “Hommage a Marcel Duchamp” (1986)
Evans, Ingrid; “Knight Moves”
Evans, Merlyn (1910-1973); “The Chess Players” (1940)
Evans, Merlyn (1910-1973); “The Chess Players” (1951) [London, Tate Gallery]
Eworth, Hans (1520-1574); “Windsor family play chess” (1568)
Factor, Ian (1969- ); “The chess game” (2003)
Fagin, Imelda (1949- ); Checkmate (2008)
Falco, Joaquim (1958- ); “Rei amb negre presoner” (2001)
Fanshawe, Catherine Maria (1765-1834); “two men playing chess”
Faven, Antti (1882-1948); “Chess”
Franham, Shelly; “Chess”
Faven, Antti (1882-1948); “Chess”
Felez, Fernando San Martin (1930- ); World Chess Champions (2006)
Fernandez Ramos, Soledad; “Manos sobre blanco y negro” (2004)
Ferranti, Carlo (1840-1908); “A chess problem”
Ferranti, Carlo (1840-1908); “playing chess”
Ferroni, Riccardo (1934-2000); “The Game of Chess” (1986)
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Also see http://www.chessmaniac.com/2012/page/15/ and http://www.chessmaniac.com/2012/page/14/

– Bill Wall


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