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    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    California Chess: CHESS IN AMERICA. (PART II)

    Of that result or distinction Americans may be justly proud. It is a great feather in the national cap--for twenty-five years of life among us and service in our army justify the claim--the more to be cherished in that it has never been worn before. Mr. Morphy's splendid performances brought him a towering reputation. His victorious matches with Lowenthal, Harrwitz, Anderssen, and others electrified the chess world, and elated his countrymen, if never his modest self. But, as a matter of fact, Morphy never won the first prize at an international tournament. It may be said, and plausibly, that this was only because he never entered one. But whatever the reasons, the fact remains the same; and the record shows, in fine, that George Henry Mackenzie is the first American who has yet won the first prize at an international chess tournament, and the title that precedent confers on such a winner of "Chess Champion of the World."

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