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Welcome to our new chess playing web site! Why join our community of chess players when there are so many other sites where you can play chess? This is a free email, turn based, correspondence chess site with no subscription fees! Email Chess is similar to correspondence chess. The only difference is that your opponent's moves arrive via email. There is no additional software to download and registration is free. Here is what you get. Enjoy!
  • Graphical user interface. Just click to highlight the piece you want to move, then click the square to move to.
  • Move history is displayed either in Algebraic Notation, or in a verbose style.
  • You can select from different board size and piece sets to customize the look of your game.
  • Persistent Games. Games are stored between web sessions.
  • Move validation by JavaScript, including check, pawn promotion, castling and en-passant.
  • "Offer draw" and "Resign" options.
  • You can Chat with your opponent.
  • Multilanguage support in (English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Users are Rated based on victories and loses.
  • Ranking of players based on their rating.
  • User Statistics with History of games and Graphic visualization of rating evolution.
  • Players can choose to join a team with other players.
  • Draw Verification (Stalemate only).
  • You can see who is online.
  • You can choose to play rated or non-rated game.
  • With the analyze feature you can navigate in the history and see all the moves from the beginning.
  • Text File export compatible with PGN.

Oline Entry!
Here you will find thousands of famous games to enjoy and learn from. You must have a java enabled browser to view these games.
A. Alekhine, 2259 Games
GM Lev Alburt(USA) 940 Games
Mikhail Botvinnik: 1393 Games
GM Walter Brown : 1566 Games
Jose Capablanca: 589 Games
Mikhail Chigorin: 631 Games
GM Ruben Fine: 392 Games
Bobby Fischer: 60 Memorable Games
Bobby Fischer: 853 Games
GM Boris Gulko (USA): 1079 Games
David Janowski (1868-1927): 627 Games
Anatoly Karpov: 3079 Games 1960-1998
Garry Kasparov: 1878 Games 1973-1998
GM Paul Keres (EST): 2324 Games
Viktor Korchnoi: 3995 Games
Vladimir Kramnik: 616 Games
Paul Morphy:351 Games
Aaron Nimzowitsch: 466 Games
Tigran Petrosian: 1850 Games
GM Judit Polgar: 1099 Games
GM Akiba Rubinstein: 514 Games
Yasser Seirawan: 1244 Games
IM Jeremy Silman: 155 Games
GM Vasily Smyslov: 2879 Games
GM Jonathan Speelman: 1404 Games
Wilhelm Steinitz: 392 Games
Mark Taimanov: 1865 Games
Mikhail Tal: 3110 Games
GM Ulf Andersson: 1641 Games
Richard Teichmann: 441 Games
Joshua Waitzkin: 164 Games
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