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Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is blitz chess?

Blitz chess (also known as speed chess or blitzkrieg chess) is a game of chess where each side is given very little time to make all of their moves. Generally, each side has between three and fifteen minutes (five minutes is common) timed by a chess clock. Blitz chess is quite popular on many Internet chess services. The word blitz means lightning in German.

The short time controls naturally reduce the amount of time available to consider each move, and result in a frantic game, especially as time runs out. When one player's time runs out, the other player wins the game, unless that player does not have enough pieces to win the game, in which case the result is a draw. As with normal chess, a checkmate will also win the game. Also, a common rule used in "blitz tournaments" is that if a player makes an illegal move, your opponent may point it out and claim a win. For example, if a player leaves their king undefended, then your opponent may claim the win. This rule can be left out for a friendly game or left in for what some consider to be a more exciting and fun game.

Here is an online chess video demonstrating what it is like to play live blitz chess.

197 torneo Chamberi - Solaesa vs Metakovsky 1-0 - 2006-02-04
See another example video demonstrating blitz chess. Watch Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk Playing Blitz Chess

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