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Monday, January 09, 2006

California's Central Coast a Hotbed for Chess 

California's Central Coast is a hotbed for chess. This small community has come alive in recent months with many new chess clubs and players. One key factor is the free online chess playing site This site was started by Dennis Steele as a way to connect chess players from the California's Central Coast to other chess players in the local community. However, it did much more than this. The website has connected Central Coast chess players to the world chess community through its free internet chess server.

Here is a listing of the current chess clubs in this area:

Morro Bay Chess Club
Paso Robles Chess Club
San Luis Obispo Chess Club
2 Dogs Chess Club
Cambria Chess Club
Cal Poly Chess Club

New Chess History Site! 

There is a new chess history site.

This site is going to chronicle the most interesting world chess history events. So far it looks pretty good.

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